This post comes in the middle of me writing about my summer, but don’t worry, I will catch ya’ll ūüôā up on my summer following this post.

For now my English class that I am taking as prerequisites for the Masters program I want to get into at the University of Maine,  has asked that I answer this questions on my blog; As a writer, I will consider myself successful when …

For me, writing has been a life long passion, a means of therapy, and a way to express myself and my wacky life.  Writing has never been about success or failure, it was just a great hobby.  In the past few years I have really started considering writing as a way of life.  I have started taking writing more seriously, but have continued to put my dream of becoming a published writer, on the back burner, for classes I thought were better or would be more beneficial.

Having graduated last year, I have put furthering my education at all on the back burner, instead spending sometime traveling and seeing other places and cultures (Ohio, Macedonia, Tennessee) as top priority.  This fall I have decided to re-attend school, and get closer to my ultimate goal of becoming a published writer.

To sum up, I would say I would consider myself a “successful” writer when I am able to publish my writing, and show everyone the different and diverse worlds that I have imagined up. ¬†Getting money for this would ¬†only be a bonus, not the goal. ¬†I have a creative mind, and I want to show people all about it.


I am moving back home to Maine this coming week, I promise to post more about the last half of my summer soon!