Its been a while since my last update, to be honest, with the new year and all of my new life changes I actually forgot about this blog.  But with winter going out the door and summer in sight, I am going to once again try and write blogs more frequently, keeping those of you interested in new adventures in my life.

I moved to Portland, Maine in January, got a job serving, and have been active in writing.  In February I finished writing my second novel.  The first novel is 74,000 words, and the second is around 125,000 words.  I have never been able to sit down and commit to one story for very long, all of that has changed now.

Since February 20th, the day I finished the second novel, I have been on a creative lull.  My hopes is that in updating my blog and writing (even if another style), that it will super charge my creative powers, and help me to pump out a third novel by the end of the year.

While that’s happening, as you may have guessed by my picture, I will be going back to Tennessee this summer to be a white water rafting guide for the second year in a row.  I look forward to the warm and long nights, the hot and adrenaline filled days, and all the crazy, imaginative, intelligent, sexy friends I could want.  I can’t imagine a better way to spend my summer.

As I get ready to pack up and leave, I’ll post more all about it, because one thing I have come to discover is that my life is rarely boring, and never the same twice.