Another English class requirement, why is social media and communication important?   Well the obvious is that social media (Facebook, Twitter) has the outreach.  With Facebook you are able to reach hundreds and hundreds of friends with a click of the mouse.  Online blogs however, don’t have as high an audience rate as Twitter would, but offer you far less restrictions while writing.  With the combination of the two, outreach and no limits, the possibilities are greater.

What happens next though?  How do you get people to follow the link you posted to Facebook that connects viewers to your WordPress?  That in itself is another question altogether, and might even require a degree in marketing to really fine tune.  In today’s day and age it is hard to capture the attention of youth, and more and more so with young adults and the older generations too.  Whatever you have to say, you have to say it fast, otherwise you have already lost their attention.  Think Twitter, 140 characters max.

By fusing your social media sites and online blogs together, you have a higher audience and can potentially reach more people.  And although no all of your “friends” will click on the links to read your deeper insights, there is always the chance that that one person will read something you wrote, and be inspired.  With today’s capabilities we are able to reach exponentially more people around the world, than has ever been possible before.  Let’s use this our benefit.