This week for my Professional Writing class I am to blog about my favorite place, and why it is my favorite.  That’s complicated in a couple ways. 1) I have many favorite places, from the camp I grew up going to on Belgrade lake every summer, to missions work in the Amazon in Brazil, and even down South in the Smoky Mountains, where I spent the summer working as a white water rafting guide.  I love them all. 2) My computer just this past week fried and took ALL of my data with it.  Thousands of pictures, over 12,000 words on a novel I was working on, an countless other docs.

When I went to answer this blog, I thought, “easy, I can do this.”  And maybe it would have been, only I lost all of my Brazil photos (except for an unimportant few on Facebook), and was discouraged from writing when I realized this.  I decided to go with Belem, Para, Brazil (Near the basin to the Amazon River), but had few good photos to choose from.  But one decent one I could find was me climbing a palm tree.  At least, that was the goal, till my friend and I were bitten a hundred times or more by red ants.


My friend was even courteous enough to talk the picture at an angle were it made it look like I did any climbing at all.

Even though I had great times on Belgrade Lake, and in the Smoky Mountains, Brazil has always been my dream.  When I went to Belem for ten days in May 2010, I fell in love, a piece of me stayed there.  I fell in love with the heat, and the rain (it cooled you down, but dried up quickly), the jungles and the wildlife, and mostly the people and the language were beautiful, and it gave me a greater appreciation for what I have.

I have not been able to make it back to Brazil since then (although I promised someone that lived in the Amazon Jungle I would be back), but I will one day, and it will be great when I do!